What to be, what to be, that is the question! With all of the eye-popping DIY Halloween Costumes flooding the internet lately it was really hard to choose what to be this year. But after digging deep (okay not that deep) it was obvious what I needed to be, a Despicable Me minion! 

Even though making a costume can rattle your wallet just as much as a store-bought costume, making it yourself is so much more fun and fulfilling!

Here’s what I used to transform myself into a cute little minion:

1. Overalls $30 Farm & Fleet
2. White knit hat $1.50 Wal-Mart
3. Yellow dye for hat $2.99 Hobby Lobby
4. Pack of black pipe-cleaners for hair $.77 Wal-Mart
5. Colored felt for face $.29 a sheet Wal-Mart
6. Yellow T-shirt $6.99 Kohl's
7. 2-pack black gloves $2.99 Wal-Mart
I  already had a hot glue gun at home, so after cutting and getting all my hat pieces ready, the finished costume was only a few finger burns and dabs of glue away!

So if you still have some Halloween parties to attend, or you want to start planning for next year, I say DIY is the way to go! It’s all about making memories. Happy crafting!

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