Sometimes we all need a little inspiration!
Here are some beautiful Thanksgiving table settings I found:

It is becoming harder and harder these days to keep children believing in Santa Claus. But here are a few ways to keep Santa in their minds, as well as make this holiday season even more fulfilling for you and the young ones!

Crepe paper the childrens' doors for Christmas so they have to bust out when they wake up. Santa’s elves did this to make sure they stayed in their rooms!


Wrap chocolate chips with tin foil and make elf kisses! With a little note saying the elves told Santa to bring these for them.


Make footprints for proof! You can make footprints by the fireplace, by the cookies, or even on the roof! The little ones will be super excited to see the footprint proof that Santa was at the house.


Always make sure to leave out milk and cookies for Santa, but don’t forget about the reindeer and elves! Reindeer like carrots (easy). But for the elves, decorate cheerios to look like little elf donuts! Make sure to make it look like they ate some quickly and leave some crumbs and pieces.

.....Reindeer Cam is Santa’s official reindeer live feed that you can watch with the little ones!  Santa feeds them at 10:00 am and 5:00 pm every day live.
.....Have personal letters sent or phone calls from Santa! Here are a few websites that you can get letters and calls from Santa:
....Use this website to track Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve! It’s a good way to show the kids they need to get to bed because Santa is coming:
.....Play the role! You need to be as excited as your children are on Christmas morning. Act surprised that the cookies and treats were eaten, that there are presents under the tree, and that there is proof he came to the house.
.....Make sure the kids are asleep! Before you start doing any of these things make sure that the kids are asleep. Kids don’t sleep very well on Christmas Eve because of their excitement; and some sneaky kids might come out from time to time to try and see Santa. So make sure to go in their room and make sure they are in a nice deep sleep! And if you do get caught, make sure to have a backup plan and explanation. 

I’m going to keep this short and simple: you’re bored, and I’m going to fix it! Here is a list of things you can do to beat that Bored-Bug…

1. Have a pay-it-forward day. Take sidewalk chalk and write something encouraging on the sidewalk at multiple locations

2. Make a memory box. Organize all of those old pictures, trinkets, concert tickets, and memories in one place! Decorate a box and voila. It will be fun to open years down the road.
3. Pitch a tent in the house. Yup, we are going back to childhood! Invite a friend or your significant other over and have them enjoy it with you.

4. Laugh. Go to this website, it will keep you entertained for hours!

5. Pinterest Project. Time to knock one of those projects off of your ‘DIY Board’!

6. Take a walk. Leave your phone at home but take your camera. You will be surprised how many beautiful things you notice when you’re not connected to technology.

7. Chalk your hair. If you’re feeling a change and a little gutsy, try it!

8. Bake. This website has hundreds of cupcake recipes!

9. Organize. Go through that ‘junk drawer’ or your closet. You will be surprised at the things you forgot you even had!

10. Tinfoil Sculptures. My sister used to make these; she actually made an adorable elephant for me once!

11. Book It and Cook It. Get all of your favorite recipes off of Pinterest and from family and friends, then start making your own cook book! A binder and page sleeves work just fine.

12. Write what you like. Write a list of reasons you like someone and give it to them, it will make their day!

13. Refurbish your clothes. Find fun ways to spice up your old clothes, cutting, adding gems, adding flowers. Here’s a cool idea I found.

14. Make a smile board. Take pictures from magazines, cute animal pictures, print out quotes, print your own pictures, use old movie ticket stubs, take anything that makes you smile and pin them on a cork board and hang it in your room. Wake up and smile every day!

15. Hang out with older people. They have great stories and sometimes need the company.

16. Pamper. Give yourself a day of cheap pampering. Take a bath, do your nails, soak your whole body in lotion, do an at home deep conditioning hair treatment, make a face mask, and just relax!

17. It’s t-shirt time! Decorate a plain white t-shirt.

18. Go bowling.

19. Find a picture in the clouds. Lie on the grass and see what shapes the clouds make, I always used to see a puppy!

20. Pull a harmless prank. Glue money to the ground and hide somewhere and watch how many people try and pick it up!

21. Learn sign language. It would be a cool thing to know!

22. Go down memory lane. Take out your old yearbooks. It will be a great laugh and nice to read all of the comments people wrote!

23. Make finger people. Draw faces and props on your fingers and take pictures!

24. Surf for cool websites. This website has a list of the 101 most useful websites!

25. Make a Marshmellow Popper. Make this simple marshmellow popper and try and shoot them up in the air and catch them in your mouth!

26. Learn to draw. Search YouTube for drawing tutorials! There are tons of free ones that give you step-by-step instructions.

27. Do this 10-minute workout. This is an awesome workout and it's quick, but you will feel it later!
28. Make a Harry Potter wand. Even if you aren't into Harry Potter, this is a pretty cool tutorial, try it!

29. Decorate wine glasses. Get a head start on your next ladies night. Paint the bottoms with chalkboard paint, paint the bottoms with glitter paint, use paint markers, anything to spice up a drink with the girls!
30. Make giant marbles. This is a pretty cool tutorial! Make your own giant frozen marbles!

Well look who’s legal! A lot of my friends have been turning the big 2-1 in the past few years and I know finding unique gifts can be difficult. So I decided step away from the Spencer’s Gifts route and try to be a little more creative! Here are some DIY projects that I have come up with that are more out-of-the-box!

DIY Martini Candles
These are very easy to make!
You will need:
-Meltable candle wax (Michael’s)
-Meltable wax colors
-Candle Wicks (Michael’s)
-Martini Glass
-Paint & Decorations

The first things you need to do are paint and decorate your martini glass! Paint the bottom, add gems, use glitter, the sky is the limit! Next, you glue the wick to the bottom of the martini glass. There is a small metal disk that holds the wick, which makes it very easy to hot glue the wick to the glass. Next, melt the wax (directions on the package). Then mix in the wax color you desire (this will be the color of the actual drink part). Then, pour the wax into the glass evenly around the wick. I used a funnel to make sure wax doesn’t get all over the sides. Then you simply let the wax harden and that is it! I also ground up some extra hardened wax and glued it to the rim as drinking salts and carved a lime of of a green candle!  

Beer and Booze Cake
What person turning 21 wouldn’t want this?!
You will need:
-Their Favorite Beer (in cans)
-Their Favorite Liquor (in mini bottles)
-Cake Circles for Stacking (Michael’s)
-Wooden Rods (Michael’s)
-Colored Ribbon (Michael's)
-Gift Bows (Dollar Store)

The first thing you need to do is glue the ribbon to the wooden rods. Then, you glue the mini liquor bottles to the ends of the rods (I use a hot glue gun for all of this). Then you stack the beer cans onto the circles just like you would cake tiers. Use the ribbon to hold the beer into place, and glue one end of the ribbon to the other end. Then, glue on gift bows. I also used a big bottle of Corona in the middle to give it more shape, but you don’t need that if you don’t want to! Finally, I stuck the rods between some of the cans to make them stick out and resemble big candles. And that’s it! A lot less messy than actually baking a cake!

Glitter Bottle
This is one of the cheapest cute gifts ever!
You will need:
-An empty wine cooler or beer bottle
-Martha Stewart Glitter Paint (Michael’s)
-Ribbon (Michael’s)
-Gems (Michael’s)

The first thing you need to do is clean the bottle. Make sure to get all of the liquid contents out and scrub the labels off the outside. Then, apply the first layer of glitter paint. You can also mix Modge Podge with glitter and go that route also. Wait for the layer to dry, and then apply another layer. Continue this process until the bottle is covered in glitter! Once the glitter is dry, then start applying the ribbons and decorations (I used the hot glue gun and made my own little ribbon!) Then you are finished!

21st B-Day: Night & Next Morning Survival Kit
This is more of a gag gift, and is just all in fun!
You will need:
-An Empty Box
-A Shot Glass
-Mini Bottles of Booze
-“I’m 21” Button or Sash
-A “If Lost & Found Call xxx-xxx-xxxx” Sticker
-A Mini Bag of Pretzels/Snack
-Sleep Eye Mask
-A Water Bottle  
-Mini Tube/Box of Tylenol or Advil
                                                                   -A Cheap Pregnancy Test 
                                                                   -Bloody Mary Mix
                                                                   - $5 Mcdonald’s Gift Card

This gift is more about the shopping part! You can get a lot of these things at Wal-Mart or a Dollar Store. The main thing is decorating the box. A good idea would be to wrap it in gift wrap and have a sign on top that reads “21st Birthday: Night & Next Morning Survival Kit”.  Then just put the contents in the box and let the fun begin!

21st Birthday Stumbling Girl Cake
 I made this for my friend’s 21st and love how it turned out!
You will need:
-Cake Mix
-A Barbie or Flexible Doll
-Barbie/Doll Drinks/Bottles
-Liquor “Labels” (I used little magazine advertisements)
-Wooden Rod
-Hot Glue Gun

First, make and frost the cake. Once the cake is secure on a transportable surface, get the doll and props ready. I found some Barbie grocery accessories that had a few bottles in them (I just simply peeled off the original labels). I then used the Skyy and Budweiser logos I found in magazines and glued them onto the bottles. Then, mess up the dolls hair and mess up her clothing a bit. I glued the clothing onto her shoulders and such so it all stayed in place. Then glue the doll to the wooden rod. Then, stick the rod into the cake until it stays in place. Then just place the bottles and props (like a falling off shoe or purse) onto the cake. Then just decorate as desired and enjoy!

Remember to always drink responsibly and only purchase the materials that contain alcohol if you are 21 or older! :)