Who says you only have to wear a wedding dress once?! One of my great friends and I were doing a mock bride photoshoot for a project and then we decided to have a little fun around town (after she got over the shock of seeing herself in a full gown, veil, and jewelry!) I think that brides should actually do some of these after their big day. Why not have a little more fun in that gorgeous gown? Enjoy :)
Dun, dun, dun. Here comes the veil!
Simply gorgeous, isn't she?!
GOTTA hit up 'Free Sample Saturday'!
Uh oh, car "broke down"
Even though it wasn't her real wedding day, she was a total show-stopper!
Take pictures by random things that catch your eye! Yup, an old vintage truck in a junk yard. Turned out cute!
Wouldn't that stink!
Stop in for a quick one before the "reception". She got a free drink from a nice man at the bar (it was pretty humorous!)
The second isle to walk down. Um, yum!
We had such a fun day and made some great memories! It's amazing how many people love to stare at a pretty lady in a wedding dress! Here are some other things you can do in your wedding dress on or after the big day (and bring friends to capture the hilarious and great moments):

-Go to a park and swing on the swings
-Go to the zoo (see if they have any shows going on and will let you interact with the animals)
-Trash it (if you're willing to let go of it). Jump in the lake, have a paint fight, play mud soccer/volleyball
-Walk your dog
-Take a ride in a convertible (make sure to practice that princess wave)
-Go to a casino
-Go horseback riding
-Walk around the city and take pictures with random people/statues
-Go to a concert
-Play laser-tag
-Go play in the balls at McDonald's PlayLand
-Go mini-golfing
-Wear sunglasses, mustache, sneakers, and a hat and walk down the street. Runaway bride!
-Sit at a bus stop and see how many honks and looks you can get
-Go to a pet shop and play with the puppies
-Go to a bar and tell made-up stories about an awful fake wedding experience (the ring-bearer dog pooping on his way down the isle? Haha)

Just let loose and have fun with it! :)
During the holidays, we finally get time to see friends and family! Here are some ladies night ideas that can make your get-together the best ever!

Swap not Shop
The holidays are always a time when our wallets are tight; but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to expand your wardrobe! Swap not Shop is all about trading. Have your ladies bring a bunch of clothes/shoes/accessories that they want to get rid of. Then have everyone put their things on display. Then it’s just like shopping! If you see something you like, see if the owner is willing to trade it for something in your pile. Mix in some snacks and cocktails and it’s the perfect girl’s night!

Pinterest Party
We all know we have a loaded ‘DIY Project’ board on Pinterest that hasn’t even been touched! Here is the perfect opportunity to get some of those projects crossed off your list. Have your guests bring supplies for one or two Pinterest projects they want to complete. Set up tables and have some basic supplies out for everyone to use (scissors, hot glue guns, paint brushes, finishing spray, etc). You can also have guests bring a dish they have pinned on Pinterest and have not tried yet! The host should also have some Pinterest cocktails to get the party going. Crafting, drinks, food, and friends? What could be better!?

365 Celebration
2012 is coming to a close and it’s time to look back on all of the good times and start the New Year off right! Here are some things you can do with your guests to celebrate:

-Wear your favorite outfit from 2012. We all know there are outfits we have worn that we absolutely ROCKED but did not dare to wear it twice (I mean pictures in the same outfit, never!) So this is the perfect opportunity to bust out that awesome outfit again and celebrate your amazing fashion-sense!
-Print off pictures of you and your friends from 2012 and have them on display. It will bring back a lot of great memories and a lot of stories!
-Make a 2012 playlist. Check the top charting songs from 2012 and make a mix CD. Everyone will know these songs and will have a great time singing and dancing along!
-Make a memory tree. Have everyone write their favorite memory on a piece of colored paper and have them hang it on a memory tree.
-Make 2013 Jars. Get a pack of mason jars ($10 for a pack of 10 at Wal-Mart) and supplies to decorate them. These jars will be used all throughout 2013. Whenever something good happens or something that person is thankful for, they write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. Then in a year on New Years Eve, everyone opens their jar and reads all of the things they wrote. It’s the perfect way to bring smiles and memories from 2013.

Skate the Night Away
Have a ladies night to celebrate everything winter! Start the night off by going ice-skating at a local ice rink. A lot of outdoor rinks have really gorgeous lights and scenery and is a great way to get outside and have a picture-perfect setting. So make sure you bring your camera and wear your favorite winter hat and scarf! After skating head to someone’s house to warm up with some winter drinks! Hot Cocoa with Bailey’s Irish Crème or Dr McGillicuddy’s Peppermint Schnapps are great choices! Add some candy canes for a festive touch. Here are more holiday cocktails you can try.