The winter months can put a major damper on our mood. Here are 10 things you can do to help with those winter blues!
Wear Bright Colors!
During the winter months there are not a lot of vibrant colors around- not outside or even in stores. So pull out some of your bright colored garments or accessories and add some color to your day! Research has shown that colors can influence our moods and emotions.

When it’s cold outside nothing sounds better than just wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket and watching your favorite show. But if you keep yourself cooped up in the house it will put a damper on your mood. Ask a friend out for drinks or to go ice-skating at an outdoor rink! Being around others will pick up your mood.

Catch Some Rays
Vitamin D is a good way to enhance mood! Even though it may seem gloomy outside, you can still catch some of the rays through the clouds. 

Embrace Your Surroundings
Even though the winter months can seem gloomy at times, don’t fight it! Have you ever taken a walk after a fresh snowfall? It’s gorgeous! Take out your smart-phone or camera and take some pictures around town. You’ll be amazed at how elegant and beautiful everything looks! And don’t forget, this is the time to go sledding, build a funny snowman, go ice-skating, and go ice-fishing! Use this weather to your advantage, and have some fun!

Treat Yourself!
Even though you will be covered in long pants and comfy sweaters during this season, you can pamper the rest! Go get a mani-pedi, massage, or deep conditioning treatment at your local salon.You will feel beautiful and refreshed (and who isn’t happy when they feel sexy or relaxed?!)

Eat Well
When you’re just sitting around inside it’s hard to ignore the fridge in the other room. But make sure you are making good choices! Eating healthier can give you the feel-good vitamins and nutrients you need to keep your mood up!

Be Active
It is a known fact that being active will enhance your mood. Your body will release endorphins that will perk you up! And you will also thank yourself come spring when you can fit in those jean shorts and crop top! 

Spread the Love
Research has shown that volunteering and doing things for others will enhance your mood. Look for opportunities around your local community to help out and be selfless! You can volunteer at an animal shelter, give away old clothes and household items to GoodWill, help out at your local YMCA, help elderly neighbors shovel their driveways and bring them their newspapers. It will not only help others but make you feel good while doing it!
Supplements and Vitamins
Sometimes our bodies need an extra little boost to get us going! Make sure to take a multi-vitamin every day to give your body what it needs. Some other feel-good vitamins and supplements are Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D & B, and St. John’s Wort.  Iron and Vitamin E will also help with your immune system to keep the winter cold and flu away!  

Here is the time to try something new! Take a cooking class, a dance class, or a painting class. There are many attractions around your city just waiting to be seen! If you go to Travel Advisor they give you a list of attractions and things to do in your city along with ratings and reviews!

Now get out there and enjoy these winter months! And just remember that there are only a few months left ;)

This or That? It’s all about small changes and BIG results!
Mustard > Mayo
I recently jumped onto the mustard train, toot toot! Using mustard on sandwiches is a small change that will make a huge difference on your waistline. I do not like the bitterness of regular mustard so I get French’s Honey Mustard instead! My sandwich world has been totally rocked!

Moving > Lounging
A good way to keep active is cleaning while you’re watching TV. I have a TV in my room and kitchen, so instead of just sitting and watching my shows I like to organize and keep myself on my feet. No better way to watch TLC!

Dancing > Drinking
Don’t get me wrong, I like sitting and catching up with my girls at the bar just as much as the next girl. But all the calories in alcohol PLUS sitting on your lazy bum, isn’t a good mix. So get up and go on the dance-floor! You will burn calories and be too preoccupied to think about that Cosmo waiting for you at the bar.

Non-Fat Milk > 2% Milk
I did this a few years ago and I actually learned to like non-fat milk better than 2%! It’s not as thick and creamy; it’s more refreshing and better for your waistline!

Froyo > Ice-cream
Next time you are getting an ice-cream craving, skip the good old Ben and Jerry’s and get yourself some frozen yogurt! I like to add fruit and fat free cool whip to mine!

Healthy Eating > Dieting
The danger with dieting it that it needs to become a lifestyle change. If you are only eating salads and dry wheat toast, the second you go back to normal eating habits you could gain all the weight back! So instead of dieting, just make substitutions. You can use wheat bread instead of white bread, an omelet instead of bacon wraps, or chicken sandwich instead of a burger.

Positive People > Debbie Downers
A key to staying positive and happy is surrounding yourself with people who are also positive and happy. If you are around people who look at the glass half full it will start to rub off on you. We are creatures of our surroundings and habits, so make sure your friends fit what you want for yourself!

Cool Down > Fuel the Fire
It is a way of life, we all argue. But a way to keep your sanity and become a more pleasant person is learning to walk away, cool down, and ultimately choose your battles wisely. Sometimes when we get so angry we just want to get our 2 cents in and win the battle! But you need to ask yourself, is this argument worth it? Just learn to step away from the situation and return to it when both parties are in a more rational and calm state of mind.