Personally, I like my men to be a little more creative than a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. And ladies I have a feeling the men feel the same way! Here are some unique gifts and surprises you can get your honey this Valentine’s Day.

For the Guys

Sports Tickets
What guy wouldn’t love tickets to his favorite sporting event AND have his hot girlfriend by his side? I sure can’t think of one!

Music Lover’s Pick
This guitar pick gift is so perfect for any guy into music! Also check out these giant ear-bud speakers

I Love You Because...
Guys need to hear it just as much as we do ladies! There are a lot of cute ways to do the "I Love You Because..." books but if you aren't that crafty and just want to get straight to the point, try this!

For the Goofy Guy!
Laughter and fun are some of the most important things in a relationship. So if you landed that goofball who can make you giggle, thank him with these fun gifts:

Every guy loves their toys! This waterproof iphone case would be the perfect gift for an outdoorsy guy.

Sexy it Up!
It's time to spice things up for him ladies! Get a boudoir photo shoot done and make him a book of the photos. Get some cute/sexy lingerie and flaunt what your momma gave ya! Looks like another excuse to hit up Victoria Secret, whoops!

Sports Apparel
Help support his favorite team and hook him up with some new gear!

For the Ladies

For guys on a budget (especially those in college) finding jewelry in your price range can be daunting. But I have good news! There is a lot of trending jewelry right now that are not expensive and are actually really cute! Check out these trending jewelry options that she will love:

Home Decor
No, don't get her statue of a teddy bear holding a heart. Check out these unique and adorable gifts she will  LOVE to put around the house!

Spa, Spa, Spa!
I do not know a single girl that doesn't enjoy getting pampered. Get her a gift-card for a local spa so she can relax and have a day of beauty! If you're looking to get in on the action, a couple's massage is a great way to unwind together.

Here are some perfect gifts for the lady in your life who loves to take care of herself on the inside and out!

For the ladies AND gents

Personal Coupon Book
Make it naughty or not, but coupon books are the gift that keeps on giving! You can do things like: A 20 minute massage, a date night on me, or a night of video games with no girlfriend interruptions (probably more for the guys!)  Here is a free template you can use to make your own coupons.

Massaging Sit-Up Pillow
Okay, now I want to get one of these. I can't tell you how many nights I have stacked up pillows behind me so I could attempt to read or watch TV. And imagine if your pillows could hold your drink and give you a massage! Sold.

Concert Tickets
Who doesn't like music? Concert tickets are perfect because it will not only give you two a fun date night, it will also be something you will be able to look forward to!

Date Night Jar
Another gift that keeps on giving! To make a date night jar all you need is a mason jar (or some kind of container) and Popsicle sticks. You write different date ideas on each stick according to your budget at that time. For example, the red sticks could be for dates over $100 and the white sticks could be for dates that are free (a night of star gazing). Then when you are ready for a date night just pick out a stick and you have to do what is written on it.

Unique Sweets for your Sweetie


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