Who says you only have to wear a wedding dress once?! One of my great friends and I were doing a mock bride photoshoot for a project and then we decided to have a little fun around town (after she got over the shock of seeing herself in a full gown, veil, and jewelry!) I think that brides should actually do some of these after their big day. Why not have a little more fun in that gorgeous gown? Enjoy :)
Dun, dun, dun. Here comes the veil!
Simply gorgeous, isn't she?!
GOTTA hit up 'Free Sample Saturday'!
Uh oh, car "broke down"
Even though it wasn't her real wedding day, she was a total show-stopper!
Take pictures by random things that catch your eye! Yup, an old vintage truck in a junk yard. Turned out cute!
Wouldn't that stink!
Stop in for a quick one before the "reception". She got a free drink from a nice man at the bar (it was pretty humorous!)
The second isle to walk down. Um, yum!
We had such a fun day and made some great memories! It's amazing how many people love to stare at a pretty lady in a wedding dress! Here are some other things you can do in your wedding dress on or after the big day (and bring friends to capture the hilarious and great moments):

-Go to a park and swing on the swings
-Go to the zoo (see if they have any shows going on and will let you interact with the animals)
-Trash it (if you're willing to let go of it). Jump in the lake, have a paint fight, play mud soccer/volleyball
-Walk your dog
-Take a ride in a convertible (make sure to practice that princess wave)
-Go to a casino
-Go horseback riding
-Walk around the city and take pictures with random people/statues
-Go to a concert
-Play laser-tag
-Go play in the balls at McDonald's PlayLand
-Go mini-golfing
-Wear sunglasses, mustache, sneakers, and a hat and walk down the street. Runaway bride!
-Sit at a bus stop and see how many honks and looks you can get
-Go to a pet shop and play with the puppies
-Go to a bar and tell made-up stories about an awful fake wedding experience (the ring-bearer dog pooping on his way down the isle? Haha)

Just let loose and have fun with it! :)

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