It is becoming harder and harder these days to keep children believing in Santa Claus. But here are a few ways to keep Santa in their minds, as well as make this holiday season even more fulfilling for you and the young ones!

Crepe paper the childrens' doors for Christmas so they have to bust out when they wake up. Santa’s elves did this to make sure they stayed in their rooms!


Wrap chocolate chips with tin foil and make elf kisses! With a little note saying the elves told Santa to bring these for them.


Make footprints for proof! You can make footprints by the fireplace, by the cookies, or even on the roof! The little ones will be super excited to see the footprint proof that Santa was at the house.


Always make sure to leave out milk and cookies for Santa, but don’t forget about the reindeer and elves! Reindeer like carrots (easy). But for the elves, decorate cheerios to look like little elf donuts! Make sure to make it look like they ate some quickly and leave some crumbs and pieces.

.....Reindeer Cam is Santa’s official reindeer live feed that you can watch with the little ones!  Santa feeds them at 10:00 am and 5:00 pm every day live.
.....Have personal letters sent or phone calls from Santa! Here are a few websites that you can get letters and calls from Santa:
....Use this website to track Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve! It’s a good way to show the kids they need to get to bed because Santa is coming:
.....Play the role! You need to be as excited as your children are on Christmas morning. Act surprised that the cookies and treats were eaten, that there are presents under the tree, and that there is proof he came to the house.
.....Make sure the kids are asleep! Before you start doing any of these things make sure that the kids are asleep. Kids don’t sleep very well on Christmas Eve because of their excitement; and some sneaky kids might come out from time to time to try and see Santa. So make sure to go in their room and make sure they are in a nice deep sleep! And if you do get caught, make sure to have a backup plan and explanation. 


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