Guess what’s coming up in the next couple weeks? It’s the heart-balloon popping, chocolate candy smashing, love hating, Facebook status venting, single’s most hated holiday ever. Yup, Valentine’s Day!

Don’t be the cupid killer this Valentine’s Day. This holiday does not mean that singles need to go into hiding or express their undying hate for couples. Here are some things singles can do to make this V-Day a positive one!
Fondue Party

Instead of avoiding the heart shaped chocolates, use them! Go out and buy a bunch of chocolate from the Valentine’s Day isle and melt it down into fondue. Kind of like the burning of love notes and pictures in the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’. Burn those chocolate hearts down people! Enjoy with fruit, cake, marshmallows and cookies.

Share the Love

Even though Valentine’s Day is all about love, it doesn’t need to be in just a romantic way! Do something selfless this holiday. Volunteer somewhere or give to the less fortunate. Spreading the love will make you feel good about yourself and can change your thoughts about February 14th!

Single’s Night

No, this does not mean go out and look for a new guy/girl. This means going out with your friends and just enjoying being single together! Have a few drinks, have some laughs, and bask in your single glory!

Make that Money Honey!

The perk about V-Day is gifts and date nights. This means  lot of people will be looking for babysitters, gift ideas, and maybe even designated drivers. So if you have the chance, use some of your craftiness or baking talent to sell some V-Day gift ideas, babysit a friend's/family’s child while they go out, or play chauffeur for the night.

Spa Day

You don’t need another person to make you feel special. You can do it all on your own! Get a massage, a facial, or a mani-pedi.  You will feel sexier and more relaxed. The best combo for hitting the town later with other single friends!

Love Notes: Kindergarten Style

Remember those little Rug-Rats or Barbie Valentines that you used to hand out in Elementary School? (If you don’t know what the show Rug-Rats is, your childhood was missing a vital ingredient!) Well let’s go back to our childhoods! Go to the Valentine’s Day isle and get some of those silly Valentines. Get your friends involved too! Have a ladies night and exchange your Valentines. Make sure to write cute cheesy love messages to each other.


It’s hard to not get caught up in the sappy adult style romance on Valentine’s Day. So be a kid with it! Get a group of girls together and go make each other Build-a-Bears! Who needs a date to buy you a cute stuffed animal when you have friends to do it?  


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