Here are some simple beauty tips that won’t break the bank or the clock!
1. Add Witch Hazel to your beauty routine! Why? This skin miracle is an acne fighter, can reduce puffy eyes, treats varicose veins, helps heals bruises, keeps skin moisturized, treats razor burn, and can help ease eczema and psoriasis!

2. Use coconut oil! Coconut oil has been referred to as “the healthiest oil on earth” and is known to have some awesome beauty benefits. Coconut oil can help prevent wrinkles and other aging.

3. Rinse your hair and face with COLD water. I know we all love to have our steamy hot showers (especially in the winter months). But hot water actually strips the skin and hair of essential oils. Use cold water or warm water if you must have some heat, to keep hair and skin healthy and youthful!

4. Use concealer AFTER your foundation. A lot of people think that they need to cover up blemishes and discoloration immediately with concealer- which is false! First put on your foundation and see if you still need toconceal spots. Especially if you use a heavier coverage foundation, you may find your foundation did the job. Also, you may notice more discoloration and cakey-ness if you put your concealer on first.

5. Use powder! I use Mineral Veil for my setting powder. Using powder will not only keep your shine away but it will also help set your makeup and make it last longer.

6. Clean of those electronics! It is no secret that technology has became a necessity to the way we live (I would be lost without my iPhone!) But the thing we forget is how dirty those little things are! Make sure to use anti-bacterial wipes and clean off your phones and other devices that go near your face. While you’re at it, clean those makeup brushes too!

7. Date your cosmetics. Yup I said it, be a little product whore! There are tons of reviews and information on makeup out there, but guess what honey, you are not like anyone else (and that is a good thing!) All products and cosmetics work differently for different people. Some foundations that have worked wonders for my friends have been complete duds for me. So the best thing to do is trying out new products and if it doesn’t work, move on to the next! Luckily, no one will judge you on the number of night creams you have taken to bed. ;)

8. Sleep on your back to fight aging. This one is tough for me! Sleeping on your side or with your face buried in your pillow can actually make you look older! When your face is squished up against the pillow it creates wrinkles and folds in your skin. Try surrounding yourself by pillows to keep you on your back if you can’t help but turn over.



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